Coaching is a dialogue that is structured according to certain principles.

The questions can concern the routines of day-to-day business (leadership, communication, collaboration) and private circumstances. As we are still the same person, a clear cut between work life and private life is barely possible.

The coaching is separated into individual coaching, team coaching, systemic coaching, and many more:

In contrast to classical consultancy, coaching does not provide direct suggestions for solutions but accompanies and supports the development of individual solutions. A good coach asks the right questions so that the coachee (client) can answer them themselves.

The coach functions as a neutral and critical interlocutor and uses, depending on the goal, methods deriving from the full range of personal, personnel and leader development.

The approach towards coaching and training from high balance focuses on holism. This means perceiving the sub-conscious reactions and impulses and taking them into account when it comes to finding solutions. The sub-consciousness communicates via the body, e.g. through our breathing. Therefore, we include feelings on a physical level and breathing patterns, because if we just work on answers and solutions on an intellectual level, the change will barely be sustainable and successful.

While Executive or Management Coaching aims to improve the management competencies, the central focus of the Leadership Coaching lies on the development of persons of high potential, executives.

Management Coaching

In management we can differentiate between mainly four varieties:

  • Coaching to improve the performance of employees
  • Coaching as a leadership style in order to reflect on the management behaviour
  • Executive Coaching to improve management competencies
  • Leadership Coaching to develop executives

high balance ® Coaching

The goal of high balance ® is to provide the participants with concrete tools and techniques that enable them to integrate the learned principles into their day-to-day (work) life in order to stay calm and powerful, even in stormy waters.  A very important, but unfortunately often underrated, component of learning is fun! Learning and working can be and should be fun.

Like all formats, high balance ® Coaching consists of elements from systemic management training, yoga, modern brain research, tools from the coaching, NLP, meditation, autogenic training, mindfulness and breath coaching.

Possible formats:

  • Trainings and workshops with a duration of 0,5 – 1 day, in-house or off-site
  • Succeeding appointments and programmes, e.g. once a week or once a month
  • Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon
  • Individual coachings
  • Etc.