To some it might seem a taboo to market oneself as a product or to advertise oneself.

In fact, we can compare Human Branding to classical advertising. There is blatant, lowbrow advertising with superlatives that tries to find its voice through volume. And there is advertising that convinces through style, class, good arguments, sympathy, humor and originality.

The program Human Branding is about establishing a profile that is based on your own individual personality.

We work with questions like:

  • What defines me as an individual and my personality?
  • What shaped me and are these elements still valid and useful for me?
  • Which personal values guide my thoughts and actions?

Someone who stands in for their own maxims and expresses them, automatically focuses and polarises and becomes a brand.

Establishing a profile leads to more effectiveness, in work as well as in private life. Sounds too technical? Different approach:

Does it not sound attractive

  • to do what we love doing and what we are good at? Thus, to live the best version of ourselves?
  • to do the things in a way that resonates with us?
  • to feel safe on different occasions and to appeal like we want to appeal?

To make self-branding effective in work and private life, the interest of examining and analysing one’s own personality is a necessary requirement.

More and more companies decide to offer this format to their executives. Who likes to lead needs to lead themselves first and in order to lead oneself well, we are required to deal with our motivation strategies in depth.

The development of the self-brand consists of the following steps:

  • Self-analysis: Who am I? Get to know yourself
  • Using personal strengths in everyday life
  • Establishing a clear positioning
  • Focusing on individual target group: Bye-bye, “everybody’s darling”
  • Clear USP: What makes me distinctive and unique?
  • Language and communication of self-brand. How, what and when do I communicate?
  • Presentation of one’s own brand in front of the camera
  • Individual coaching with 360° feedback

high balance ® Human Branding

The goal of high balance ® is to provide the participants with concrete tools and techniques that enable them to integrate the learned principles into their day-to-day (work) life in order to stay calm and powerful, even in stormy waters. A very important, but unfortunately often underrated, component of learning is fun! Learning and working can be and should be fun.

Like all formats, the high balance ® Human Branding program consists of elements from systemic management training, yoga, modern brain research, tools from the coaching, NLP, meditation, autogenic training, mindfulness and breath coaching.

Possible formats:

  • Trainings and workshops with a duration of 0,5 – 1 day, in-house or off-site
  • Succeeding appointments and programs, e.g. once a week or once a month
  • Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon
  • Individual coachings
  • Etc.