The term ‘work-life balance’ describes a state, in which work life and private life are in consonance.

high balance ® refrains from using the widely spread term ‘work-life-balance’, as it implies that we work and live and therefore do not live while working. This cannot be the intention.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Life Balance:

Recent surveys prove that a balance between work and private life plays an increasing role for the employees. Life balance becomes a higher priority than the classical career for more and more people. Aspects like the reputation of the company, training programs, options to go abroad or financial incentives are not the top priority anymore.

The current (over)flow of information, the mentality of ‘faster, higher, further’ and modern technologies are blessing and curse at the same time. Blessing when we know how to use and handle them, but apparently, we people have to learn that, because every day people are confronted with their limits and have to face the consequences of their previous behaviour: Burnout, depression, lack of motivation, to name just a few.

We need approaches that provide balance, new ways to conserve our resources. Long-acting and sustainably!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as “the state of physical, mental and social well-being.”

Thus, health is more than just the absence of illness. The necessary settings to achieve that are quite individual. Therefore, a list of the top 10 ways to reach health does not exist.

The good news: Yes, there is a list of classical and new tools that can help us increase our quality of life, vitality and motivation every day. According to the ‘Y’-image of humanity, people are initially motivated and like to work.

high balance ® Life Balance program

The goal of high balance is to provide the participants with concrete tools and techniques that enable them to integrate the learned principles into their day-to-day (work) life in order to stay calm and powerful, even in stormy waters. A very important, but unfortunately often underrated, component of learning is fun! Learning and working can be and should be fun.

Like all formats, the high balance ® Life Balance program consists of elements from systemic management training, yoga, modern brain research, tools from the coaching, NLP, meditation, autogenic training, mindfulness and breath coaching.

Possible formats:

  • Trainings and workshops with a duration of 0,5 – 1 day, in-house or off-site
  • Succeeding appointments and programmes, e.g. once a week or once a month
  • Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon
  • Individual coachings
  • Etc.