“Our greatest freedom lies between a stimulus and our reaction.” (Viktor Frankl)

What is meditation?

First and foremost: Meditation is not explicitly esoteric and has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

Meditation is an adventure!

Meditation means just being without doing anything. No action, no thoughts. Meditation is all about BEING, not about doing. Observing to get to know oneself, one’s patterns of behaviour and one’s strategies.

Meditation means to encounter oneself – beyond reason.

Doing nothing might be challenging for people from meritocratic Western societies because over the years we learned that more effort means more achievement.

Why is meditation useful?

The experiences of many people in our modern Western society in their everyday lives are often hectic, stress, sensory overstimulation, and pressure. Often, these are accompanied by discontent, nervousness, unease or anxiety.

Although meditation exists for over thousands of years, the benefits it has on the lifestyle we are living today are probably more useful than ever.

Not only does it foster serenity, but modern psychology also proves in diverse studies how important it is for us people to see a sense in what we are doing.

The feeling of living a life without sense burns us out and robs us of any motivation and vitality.

Through simple meditation practices, everyone can learn meditation. It is simple, although not always easy.

The more we practice, the more we get to know our negative patterns of thinking. We learn to change perspective and discover new possibilities to deal with challenges, stress and difficulties.

Meditation helps to give your life a positive direction.