“We don’t see the world as it is, but how we are.” (Talmud)

Thoughts have an immense power!

It is crucial how an individual thinks about themselves and their surroundings. Someone who lives mentally in many worst case scenarios, oftentimes will experience exactly that. The quality of our thoughts influences our well-being, our quality of life and our capabilities.

What happens mentally in our heads is our “inner cinema”. The good news: We are not victims to our inner cinema, but we can actively influence it and decide which film is shown. Many top athletes, but also many top managers that are exposed to a lot of mental pressure, use this secret. They do not only train their bodies but also their minds and their mental strength.

Who practices to move along successful scenes and imaginations about their future, uses the law of attraction: “Energy follows the direction of awareness.” Or, how Henry Ford has put it: “One says ‘I can’, the other says ‘I can’t’, both will be right.”

So, we have to unlearn the – mostly unconscious – process of training ourselves on failure by focusing on our doubts instead of focusing on our dreams and goals.

Mental Training takes the way our brain functions and how it processes information into account. The model of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) empowers us to realize negative attitudes and convictions and to transform them into something positive.

The goal is to develop action strategies that are available to us in everyday life.

The best thing is that this “re-programming” can be easy and quick.