Retreat means break, pause, far from routine and habits.

It is a time for reflection and contemplation, to stop and re-evaluate one’s course, to listen to oneself and to practice doing nothing.

We live in a constant cycle between ‘be phases’ and ‘do phases’. Unfortunately, the meritocratic society conveys the impression that the ‘be phases’ are of lower value than the ‘do phases’, because we tend to think that we don’t achieve anything during these phases.

But especially during the ‘be phases’ we tend to have the best insights and ideas, which would not have evolved if we had been under pressure.

During activities, our muscles are trained and toned, but during a pause they grow.

Often retreats are connected to a concept of meditation, yoga and spirituality. The duration can be a long weekend, a week or even up to several months. Of course, there are also options to retreat into a monastery for even a year or more.

The increasing need and demand for a pause leads to diverse offers and options.

The daily routine is mostly planned: Often getting up early, meals, practicing meditation and yoga, depending on the luxury level of the retreat sometimes even doing the household.

A classical retreat works without luxury, it rather focuses on reduced comfort. Still, a retreat with a higher level of luxury provides a different, but not necessarily a worse quality.

high balance ® retreats

The retreats from high balance is, depending on the duration of the retreat, consisting of meditation, breath therapy, coaching, training and Yoga Nidra.

An even greater effect is achieved in a silent retreat, where we save and keep the energy we won and do not spread it through the interaction with other people. What is of importance is the consequent digital diet, thus to reduce the use of cell phones, TV and reading, or to leave it out completely.

Who wants to increase the effect, can also stop eating, therefore reducing another input, because this is how we provide time and relaxation to our body, mind and soul to digest all the things that stress our system and that we don’t need anymore.

Physical and emotional clinkers can loosen themselves and a deep cleansing becomes possible, leaving room for fresh and new experiences.

In modern Yoga, the term ‘retreat’ is regarded as a kind of relaxation holiday. This concept is also about retreating from everyday routines in order to let go of old habits. Concentrating on the practice of yoga makes this step easier than just the sole focus on meditation.

Also in the business context retreats enjoy great popularity, so that companies provide company holidays, strategy meetings, workshops or other work units.

Like all formats, retreats high balance ® retreats consist of elements from systemic management training, yoga, modern brain research, tools from the coaching, NLP, meditation, autogenic training, mindfulness and breath coaching.

The goal of high balance ® is to provide the participants with concrete tools and techniques that enable them to integrate the learned principles into their day-to-day (work) life in order to stay calm and powerful, even in stormy waters.

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