„Every movement of a part also moves the whole.“

All people are part of more or less complex systems. This applies to teams, organisations, companies, and families. A system exists as soon as we are in or get into contact with people and surroundings.

When one part, thus a member of a system changes, this change has an impact on the whole system, if we want to or not. This phenomenon can be problematic, but only if we are not aware of this dynamic when we ignore it instead of using it.

A systemic training approach analyses the individual and additionally the surrounding, the influencing systems.

Trainings and coachings from high balance ® are customised for you and/or your company, your system, your surroundings.

The recommended first step and the initial part of the systemic training methodology in order to start a systemic training, is an analysis.

Besides the training method, special additional measures to ensure the transfer have proven themselves as useful and important to put the insights gained through the training into practice.