“Learn to think with your whole body.” (Taisen Deshimru)

Practicing yoga on a regular basis has a similar effect onto our organism as installing a new software.

Unhealthy habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour, as well as physical stress are gradually renewed and replaced by healthy, positive ones.

The physical practice activates organs, cells and muscles that were barely used over the years and stimulate the flow of energy again. Yoga has an immense detoxing effect and influences the whole body and moreover the mind as well. Teaching a correct posture through movement, concentration, conscious breathing and meditation leads to a sustainable balance between body, mind and soul.

Yoga is a holistic method, the effectiveness of which is proven ever-increasingly. Against predominant prejudices, Yoga has nothing to do with religion or dogma. To the contrary: Yoga aims at dissolving limitations and to provide people with more tolerance. Yogic exercises (Asanas) stimulate the nowadays often neglected parts of the right brain half. Yoga furthers relaxation, cross-linking, creativity and emotionality – our communications skills, emotional intelligence and empathy are increased.