Dr Adriana Abstein

Talent Identification & Development

“I met Nicola Rohner during a three-day workshop. Especially her practical approach appealed to me. Nicola provided us with helpful techniques (e.g. Yoga Nidra or breathing techniques), which I can easily integrate into my everyday life.”

Matthias Lesch

Certified Pedagogue, Alternative Practitioner

“Who got a chance to experience Nicola Rohner during her work, knows the meaning of being one with what you are doing. She is living her charisma and thus has an effect. I can only recommend this experience to everybody. Nicola, for me it was and is an enriching experience. Thank you.”

Walter Glück

Founder, Communicator Networker

“A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to be participant (the token man 😉 ) in your seminar about Time Management at the Typographic Society. You did really well, because some of your impulses have been accompanying me daily ever since and made my life a little easier and more comfortable – Thank you! I had already been aware of some aspects that you talked about, but you set them into a pragmatic context in a charming way and made it memorable and motivating. Amazing performance. I hope you are fine. Kindest regards, Walter”

Alexander Wirth

Managing Director, TSCET GmbH

“Nicola knows how to dissolve initial prejudices concerning Yoga and Meditation with competence and authenticity. The training sessions with her and her team, as well as the individual coaching sessions, helped me and my team to improve our communication and conflict resolution skills easily. I personally like the holistic approach. A special challenge during our sessions was clearly the cultural diversity – participants from 15 different nations – and the requirement to organise all sessions in English. Everything was done brilliantly and we were able to benefit from the positive effects of High Balance in our day-to-day business.”

Miriam Frieser

Personal Fitness Coach, Certified PE Teacher

“Last weekend I was in the Yoga Haus at the Schliersee. There I had the possibility to participate in Nicola Rohner’s Yoga Retreat. The daily routine resembled the time schedule of an ashram, including different Yoga and Meditation sessions. It was amazing to just take time for yourself, because that is what everyday life often lacks, which is a pity. The idea: Consider yourself important enough to spend time with yourself. Thank you.”

Dagmar Spantzel

Chief Executive, German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

“Nicola’s course was exactly the right thing in the exact right moment: Arriving, feeling comfortable, healthy food and amazing nature and the best Yoga teacher in the world with an empathetic understanding. I was allowed to be how and who I am and to deal with my body in my own speed with the help of her sensitive guidance. After four days, I had experienced more than just a little break. I was able to take many inspirations and insights back home. Thank you loads.”

Svenja Lassen

Senior Editor Cosmopolitan, Bauer Premium Medium KG

“Nicola Rohner teaches Yoga the way it should be taught: Freed from dogma and comparisons. Every participant can take what they need. This works because finally we learned to understand Yoga – even as a beginner! Nicola explains the connections between work load and stress and its physical effects by using recent studies and shows the influence increased media consumption and lack of mindfulness have on the body and the psyche. She stays realistic and practical – Thus, her workshop ‘Media Fasting – Digital Diet’ had sustainable effects. Her pleasant way of teaching and her voice make you want to extend the experience and to come back as quickly as possible!”

Christiane Wolff

Manager Business Communication and PR Serviceplan

“In Nicola Rohner’s presentation ‘How real is Reality’ she provided us with many scientific facts about the reasons for stress and how to dissolve it. I am very grateful for her way of explaining the connections and phenomena in a humorous and practical way. I am fascinated by the manner, in which Nicola combines the diversity of her expertise. During her presentation, the participants heard and experienced aspects about Meditation, Yoga, Breath Coaching, psychology and about the most recent discoveries of brain research. These elements were combined in a comprehensible and compact manner, which made the time worthwhile and fun, interesting, causing long-lasting effects.”

Kathrin Lorenz

Consultant Corporate Integration Management, AOK PLUS

“Participating in a Breath Coaching strengthened my health-oriented behaviour sustainably. Ms Rohner adopted herself to the suggestions and needs of the group and understood to motivate the participants to actively engage in the session. A confiding atmosphere enabled the participants to have an open and enriching exchange. I can activate the relaxation techniques that I learned in key moments and benefit from them in situations of business related or private challenges. The holistic approach really appealed to me. It helped me to find strategies and the best fitting method for myself to cope with the obstacles of everyday life. During the individual coaching, I was able to talk to Ms Rohner about personal and private subjects. Before and after the coaching a survey amongst the participants was undertaken. The result of this evaluation was significant: The well-being (WHO-5) of all participants had increased.”

Silvia Ehlig

Customer Consultant, AOK PLUS

“Through the Breath Coaching I learned to recognise the connection between the basics of action and thinking. In my work as a customer consultant I can use a deep breath to gain enough time and to prevent myself from reacting emotionally and in an uncontrolled manner and instead to consciously focus on the customers’ needs and wishes. I am now able to explain processes to myself without reacting blankly. What appealed to me the most was your comprehensive repertoire of relaxation techniques and self-incentives.

Everybody can decide for themselves which techniques to use. What was most important to me and helped me the most was the personal coaching via telephone … it is always easier for me to open up if I don’t have to talk face to face, because it makes it easier for me to listen and to accept advices. Even today every step is a gift to me, as I use every option for active movement in my day-to-day work. Your CD, especially Yoga Nidra, enables me to calm down in ‘hot phases’, which in turn increases the quality of my sleep. My perspective has changed, my attitude towards myself and my surroundings.”

Christoph Santner

Founder und CEO RealMakers.org

“Concerning her it is true: If she didn’t exist already, one had to invent her! As a person, trainer and coach she keeps up the ‘high balance’ between matter and mind; between highly professional and yet authentic; between effect- and goal-oriented and leaving enough space for spontaneity and inspiration. Her positivity is contagious. She delights and lets herself be delighted for interesting tasks. She is able to lead and guide people, in teams as well as in individual one-on-one sessions; and she is able to develop the potential of a company’s employees to the full extent. She can reach high goals and make ambitious ideas real. And with her work and her personality she proves her own thesis right: The world belongs to the brave. Keep up the good work!”

Dr. Antonia Hingerle


“To me it was beautiful how you explained the connection between Yoga Asanas, the soul, health and mindfulness in such a manner that it was easy to be integrated into daily routines. To my mind, some of the yoga teachers are too esoteric, but with you it was different. I could feel the positive energy in the workshop and even now, a while afterwards. I practice yoga at least 2 to 3 times a week, as well as Yoga Nidra and I practice Meditation with the help of your CD.

I use the ‘Love Tuner’ from time to time, it’s a nice additional feature. Your workshop showed me once more how important Yoga is for my soul. I hope to find the time soon to participate in one of your workshops again!”

Dr. med. Dagmar Tillmann

Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Natural Medic

“I participated in Nicola Rohner’s workshop ‘Recharge your Batteries’ and I can fully recommend this course. Diverse sequences of exercises (Yoga, Pranajama, Meditation) lead to diversity and were well prepared. Beginners and advanced participants likewise benefited from Nicola’s guidance. The course was interesting, diverse and adapted to the different levels of energy during the day, without being esoteric. Ms Rohner spreads a positive atmosphere and energy and Yoga is fun with her.”

Tina Teucher

Free Author, Host, Lecturer about Sustainability & CSR

“A weekend seminar with Nicola Rohner is like a short vacation with my 3 friends – body, mind and soul … only that the relaxation lasts longer.”

Kristin Horn

Marketing Manager, Mercedes AMG GmbH

“The wisdom of life consists of switching off the unimportant things’ became one of the creeds that constantly accompanies me ever since my first Yoga workshop with Nicola – not only during my Yoga practice, but also in my private life as well as in my work life. I’m very thankful for that! Through a Yoga workshop in the beautiful hotel Kranzbach Nicola grabbed my attention. Ever since yoga became an integral part of my life, especially because Nicola’s workshop content provided me with an easy access as a beginner and strengthened my interest in doing more.

The combination of intensive Yoga exercises, very interesting and diverse teaching content, many joyful and peaceful moments, a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the course and a special kind of performance impressed and fascinated me. That’s why I participated in workshops again and again. Each time I enjoy participating in the workshops, as they take place in beautiful locations in the middle of fascinating landscapes – be it during workshops in the hotel Kranzbach or in a retreat in the Allgäu, I know what I can expect and at the same time I am surprised by new experiences and exercises, concerning Yoga Nidra as well as yoga sessions. A big thank you goes to Nicola for the precious moments and the great access to yoga she provided me with. I’m looking forward to participating in the next Yoga Retreat in October.”