Holistic Training & Coaching

Our lives are moving faster, an immense load of information constantly hails down on us.

The many options and opportunities prove us with the impression of freedom, but often they rather lead to a mental overload. The need for deceleration, clarity and calm grows.

More and more people are living on autopilot and over the years they forget to pause, step back and to re-evaluate their course.

Recent studies have shown that we people are searching for a deeper sense of life and the requirement for identifications grows, which leads to questions like:

  • What kind of contribution can I make to society?
  • In what kind of world do I want to live and how can I actively shape it?
  • What are my individual talents?
  • Which values are important to me and which activities do I like doing for fun?

Good news: The answers do already exist, they were just overloaded. In silence the loud voice of the thoughts vanishes and makes space for the heart and intuition. And this is where the answers lie – also for today’s entrepreneurs.

high balance ® combines Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Mental Training into a holistic concept with an optimal integration of body, mind and soul.

The spotlight is on the most important part: Practice! The successful integration into everyday life.

The goal is to get you back behind the steering wheel because you are not a hamster in a wheel.

Live instead of letting yourself be lived.

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