“Where words fail, music speaks.” (Christian Andersen)


What is the lovetuner?

The lovetuner is an instrument, a small flute that helps us to tune into the state of balance and relaxation in a short period of time. The lovetuner creates a frequency of 528 hz.

This tool is made for anybody. For anybody who appreciates being in a stress-free environment. It’s also very suitable to create a common spirit in a team which was reported by athletes and people who have used the tool in the business world.

What does tuning mean and what is it good for?

To be in tune means being in line with yourself and your environment.

In just a few minutes, the creation of the tone takes us into a state that

  • Reduces or even fully removes tinnitus and disturbing ear noises
  • Reduces stress and helps us to relax
  • Improves your breathing which is why singers appreciate the tool a lot
  • Strengthens our immune system
  • Expands our lung volume
  • Let’s us arrive in the here and now
  • Calms down the chatter in our minds
  • Brings us from our head to our heart
  • Increases our attentiveness and mindfulness
  • Reduces negative thoughts, nervousness, and fear
  • Fosters more calmness and concentration

When does it make sense to tune?

Basically, there are no limits:

  • Always when we want to relax, to enjoy, to calm down or to entertain ourselves
  • In the office, on the computer
  • When we have a creative block
  • On the yoga mat
  • On the meditation cushion or on the office chair
  • Before a challenging task
  • Before leaving work to conclude with work
  • In the beginning of the day to hone into ourselves
  • Before going to bed, to fall into sleep and sleep better
  • In the car, when there is traffic or when it gets hectic
  • When we get angry or better to prevent getting angry
  • When we have a headache
  • For children, to calm down or for entertainment
  • And much more

What to do after tuning?

After tuning, it’s amazing to enjoy a few moments of stillness and experience the created empty space.

How long should I be tuning?

There is no manual or restriction. We discovered that a cycle of 18 breaths allows for a good tuning experience.

What happens if a group plays the lovetuner?

The sound is a lot fuller which creates a very intensive and sustainable effect.

Deepak Chopra about the LOVETUNER.

Video Deepak Chopra lovetuner

LOVETUNER for mindfulness and stress management in schools

Video stress management in schools love tuner

stress management in schools thank you lovetuner

LOVETUNER Yoga class on the beach in Malibu

video yoga class with lovetuner in  Malibu

Here is more information about the LOVETUNER.


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The lovetuner comes in a precious box with a detailed description and background information.

Costs: 59 € plus 4 € package and shipping costs (within Germany). For shipping outside Germany, please order by E-Mail, as the costs vary.

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More background information about the lovetuner: Lovetuner Malibu – Headquarter: www.lovetuner.com

The Lovetuner

is not only a meditation tool but also a beautiful and exclusive jewel for men, women and children. It is available in the following versions:

  • Bronze with silver chain or leather band
  • White with silver chain or leather band
  • Red with silver chain or leather band
  • Antique silver with silver chain or leather band
  • Black with silver chain or leather band

Tune in and spread LOVE to yourself and into the World!

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Lovetuner Weiss
Lovetuner Antik Silber
Lovetuner Schwarz
Lovetuner Bronze
Lovetuner Rot
Lovetuner Bronze gewachste Baumwolle