Holistic Training & Coaching

Nicola Rohner was lucky enough to already get into contact with a holistic lifestyle when she was a child. Much of what is on-trend today was quite natural in her parents’ home.

After having finished her studies of interior architecture and interior design, she spent many years in economy as a marketing, media and sales specialist until in 2006 she finally started following her desire to implement more balance, awareness and humanity into business – where stress, pressure and information overload are particularly high.

She founded high balance and started teaching what she lives and loves. The foundation was followed by diverse professional trainings about yoga, management training, breath coaching, mental training, yoga nidra, meditation, mindfulness teaching, and many more.

Nicola knows how to translate the unusual and sometimes complex and not easy to understand contents and techniques in a way to make them accessible for everyone. Undogmatic, pragmatic and with a good sense of humour.

The training concept of high balance ® was established referring to the five pillars of the yoga philosophy and combines the principles of bodywork, breath coaching, relaxation techniques and mental training.

No matter whether in conference rooms, in talks, in yoga classes, on events or in silence workshops, Nicola picks the people up where they are.  Her trainings and coachings are characterised by a sensitive balance between information and practical experience. Content and method are congruent.

With this method, Nicola responds to the spirit of the time as modern brain research proves that an optimal learning surrounding is given when we are relaxed and have fun while learning!

Today, Nicola Rohner counsels, coaches and trains individuals, companies and organisations in the field of work-life-balance, leadership, communication, health and sustainability.

“For me, it is essential to impart techniques and tools that are applicable in everyday life, simple and uncomplicated. Out of my own burnout experience, I know that knowledge alone is to no avail.”